Check out Campfire Tales on Youtube

As some of you will know, we’ve been looking to revive our Campfire Tales project for a while. Some of the older recordings have been re-edited and made available to listen in video form on YouTube – meaning that Campfire Tales is now compatible with all platforms and devices. Check out these editions to the project below.

Along with the new format, we have a brand new theme tune for the series – written and performed by Popcorn Horror’s Andrea, the most musical member of our horror family. We’ll be continuing to post new Campfire Tales content to our YouTube channel, and will alert our fans to any new videos in the normal way on Popcorn Horror.

For those of you new to the project, Campfire Tales is a collection of spooky short stories performed by guest voice actors (and occasionally member of our team) Creepypasta, indie writing, classic horror stories – we want to bring you the best stories to tell around the campfire.

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