Check Out This Architect and Resident Evil Fan’s Escape Room Design

Escape Rooms have become a worldwide phenomenon – giving new life to the slightly older tradition of haunts and scare attractions. We even hosted our own 80s horror inspired game at Halloween last year.

Architect Zakhar Kozolii designed this incredible looking escape room based on the Resident Evil series of video games and movies. The dimly lit space with the red,eerie glow certainly brings back some memories of playing the spooky games late at night. He explained that he wanted to design it “in such a way that players will experience constant tension and will get the goosebumps”.

“We needed to create not just a frightening interior, but an optimal platform for placing hints, hidden levers and other elements of the quest. Narrow passageways with flickering walls, many details of rusty metal, different wires and pipes systems distract attention and force players to peer into each corner in search of the next clue.” Kozolii explained.

“The total area of the room is 36 square meters. We have chosen loft as a leading style and filled it with rusty chains, bars on the walls, floor, and ceiling, creepy details and horror stuff. The result is a room in which even the most daring player will be scared”

Find out more about the project here.

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