What Are The Chances Of Surviving A Jigsaw Game?

Saw is an American horror film franchise that was introduced in 2003 at the Sundance Film Festival. So far, there have been eight films in the main Saw franchise but there have also been a few additions added on over the years too. While Saw 3D in 2010 marked the eighth and final installment, later on Jigsaw was released in 2017 and also the future film Spiral is set to be released this year too, continuing the popular storyline. 

What Is Saw About?

The original story of Saw is about a man named John Kramer (Jigsaw) who is a serial killer who tortured his victims by having them play a series of sadistic games. The aim of his games are to teach the victims right from wrong and also aid them in redeeming themselves. The franchise is famous for it’s very gruesome killings and while there are many games that feature throughout the franchise, here are the names of some of the most diabolical death traps, ranked:  

  1. Reverse Bear Trap
  2. Venus Fly Trap 
  3. The Angel Trap
  4. The Horsepower Trap
  5. The Mausoleum Trap
  6. A Pound of Flesh
  7. 10 Pints of Sacrifice

If you’re into watching victims play gruesome games to seal their fate this film is right for you! The film released its own survival game ‘Saw: The Video Game’ in 2009 in which players try to solve traps in order to escape. Survival films such as Lord of the Rings, Spartacus and Jumanji have also inspired many video games as well as 18+ casino games

The Best Films In The Franchise

While it may seem impossible to determine which of these horror films is the best, there are two that definitely stood out from the crowd:

  • Saw III – This one stood out because you find out that Jigsaw was not working on his own and that one of his prior victims, Amanda, had taken over after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It should also be noted that it seems like there was no way that anyone could possibly survive many of the games in this particular film, so it appeared the goal was not redemption as you were led to believe in earlier films.
  • Saw VI – This film saw the franchise bring a real-world political situation into the fold. Everyone has had experience dealing with terrible people working in the financial industry so this one is great because it shows different ways people wish they could torture them. Saw VI is faithful to the franchise and the twist/finale are 100% satisfying. 


While most of the people who go through torture in these films die, there are actually some that have lived to see another day. Here are a few who somehow managed to walk away from the death traps set for them:

  • Mallick – he burned down a building in exchange for drugs and that made Jigsaw very angry. He was put through a lot of tests and managed to survive all of them. He appeared in two films and was mentioned in another too.
  • Sidney – she was put to the test for allowing herself to be abused. Despite being shy and scared, she managed to pass the test and save her own life.

So, what are the odds of survival?

Over the course of seven installments and many many deaths, what are the chances of surviving an infamous Jigsaw trap? Here is what we the films have shown us:

  • Two-thirds of female characters introduced in the movies were murdered. 89% of male characters introduced suffered similar (or worse) fates by Jigsaw.
  • Male characters suffered severe head trauma – resulting in the death of nearly 8% of Jigsaw’s victims.
  •  Women were almost twice as likely as men to be dismembered.
  • More than a quarter of male victims died from blood loss, less than 23 percent of female fatalities were caused by the same cruel method.


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