Celebrate Pride Month With The Babadook!

So, many of you in the horror community and beyond have probably heard that The Babadook has become something of a gay icon. The eerie top-hatted figure from the 2014 horror film of the same name has been popping up all over the internet ahead of June – which was declared LGBT Pride month by former President Barack Obama.

The trend started when a Tumblr user noted that the horror film had been wrongly placed in the LGBT section on Netflix, but has since morphed into an array of edited images and videos depicting the ghostly character as gay.


It then became a popular way of trolling people, like Buzzfeed journalist Ryan Broderick who try to question the Babadook’s status as a gay icon.

However, if you’re looking for something to watch after attending a Pride parade (after A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, of course) – it’s an excuse to watch one of the last decades stand out horror films. Gay characters in horror often live up to certain stereotypes, so the genre could probably do with a few queer-identifying ghosts.

Here’s a few images created by Babdooks fans in the LGBT community.

The Babadook takes on Ru Paul’s Drag Race


The Babadook holding the rainbow Pride flag, shared by Massachusetts attorney-general Maura Healey


Artist muffinpines interpretation of the meme


Babadook costume at Washington Pride


Miles Jai, an LGBT YouTube personality, dressed as The Babadook


Babadook Pride art by @melongifts


The Babadook Coming Out


Gay Babadook Knitting


The Badonkadonk



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