Celebrate 4 Years of VIDEOGRAM

June 25 marks the four-year anniversary of Videogram, as the S/T album – rereleased last year as Videogram Redux – made its debut to coincide with Doc Terror‘s Italian Horror Week. 

To celebrate this, SelectaVision is releasing the Choice Cuts 2014 – 2018 compilation on CD and special-priced digital album! The fourteen-track album culls tracks from all official Videogram releases with additional bonus tracks – all remixed and remastered specifically for this release.

The album includes a taste from the Videogram and Andrew Claristidge sessions, a demo from the scrapped Slasher EP, outtakes, tracks from the Pre-Cert LP/CD, the Gladiatori dell’Apocalisse and Camp Blood EPs, as well as tracks from omitted releases such as the Cobretti three-track EP. The release date is set to June 25, but pre-orders of the digital release are available on Bandcamp now.

Often imitated, never duplicated, Videogram is the original 1980s VHS-inspired horror synth project and brainchild of Swedish composer/producer Magnus Sellergren. Since its inception in early 2014, Videogram’s been in the front lines of the horror synth movement, reinventing the genre, and pushing it forward with expert musicianship, exquisite arrangements, and high-quality production.

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