What to Consider from a Manufacturer that Produces CBD Oil

With cannabidiol oil products becoming available everywhere, it is becoming increasingly difficult to truly know which ones are worth your money. When looking at packaging, you might think that the product is of high quality. But once the product is being used, you might be disappointed in finding out that it doesn’t even work. 

Before purchasing any CBD products, you have to do some investigation to ensure you are buying form the right manufacturer. Since cannabidiol is used to treat symptoms caused by medical conditions like cancer, arthritis, and seizures, or Pet CBD for dogs and cats, it’s even more important that you know exactly what you are putting in your body. 

If you don’t do some research on how the product was manufactured, you might end up putting something into your body that is harmful. Low quality cannabidiol products don’t go through effective processes and therefore a variation of harmful substances might be left in the bottle. Have a look at this website for examples of high-quality products. 

To help you track down the perfect credible manufacturer, especially if you are a retailer, here are a few things you need to consider: 


Unfortunately, with some manufacturers, what is written on the label isn’t always what is inside of the bottle. Even though the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has a quality standard, many manufacturers are dishonest on their labeling. Since 2015, the FDA has issued more than forty warning letters to a variation of manufacturers who lie about the ingredients within their products. 

Even though the FDA does tests and quality checks, the situation hasn’t improved. 66% of all CBD products being sold on the market won’t qualify. Manufacturers claiming to have 100mg CBD products ended up with a lab report of only 3.6 mg of CBD. As a result, consumers aren’t experiencing the benefits of high quality cannabidiol products and a bad reputation is given to the wondrous compound. 

Before trusting a manufacturer’s label, you should request a third-party lab report. This report is done by a laboratory that is seen as an objective party in the matter. The report should be certified and have a full list of ingredients and percentages on it. 

Any manufacturer who doesn’t have this report freely available or who aren’t transparent about the ingredients of their product, shouldn’t be trusted. Even though it claims to have certain percentages on the bottle, it might not be the truth. 

Another factor to consider when it comes to honesty is the THC content. Legally, only products with less than 0.3% THC can be sold to consumers as therapeutic cannabidiol products. Anything more than 0.3% is seen as marijuana with psychoactive properties and aren’t legal to be sold to consumers. 

This issue is very serious. Without knowing it you will be consuming a drug-like symptoms and can experience mental impairment. Testing positive for drug tests when the wrong CBD product is consumed can also be a serious consequence. 


It’s important that you make sure the company is credible. Do some extra background research and refer to honest online reviews to ensure the company is legit. 

CBD product manufacturing companies are popping up everywhere. Some of whom have really good-looking branding and packaging. No supplement or health food item should be taken by face value. It will be to your best interest to check the manufacturer’s website. Here you might find a physical address that you can visit or be referred to reviews left by previous consumers. 

If the manufacturing company doesn’t have a strong internet presence, then you might want to reconsider purchasing any products from them. Consumers who are pleased and satisfied with a product will rant and rave about it. So, expect to see positive feedback of manufacturers whose products truly work. 


CBD production companies can’t function on their own accord. They should be GMP-certified and GMP-compliant. This means that they are legally seen as a dietary supplement manufacturer registered with the FDA. 

Knowing that a manufacturer is part of this association will give you peace of mind that cannabidiol should meet purity standards. 


Where does the manufacturing company source their cannabis and hemp plants from? The quality of the oil depends greatly on how the plant is farmed, cultivated, and grown. Do they source flowers from other countries and then continue the extraction process in America? Or do they have their own farms in homegrown soil?  

Check out this article of the worst and best places to grow hemp plants in the United States of America: https://www.hempgrower.com/article/the-best-and-worst-states-to-grow-hemp-united-state-industry/

When manufacturers have full custody of the entire supply and source chain, they have control over the entire process. This ensures that the plants they grow are rich in CBD and compliant to local industrial hemp rules and regulations. Unfortunately, even manufacturers can be scammed in buying low percentage CBD cannabis plants. 

Don’t take any manufacturer by face value. Because the hemp and cannabis industry has grown so drastically over the last couple of years, there is a lack of rules and regulations. Especially when it comes to producing and selling these kinds of products. Even when products are failing quality checks, they are still being sold – sometimes at a fraction of the price of their competitors. 

Consider all of the above-mentioned factors before ordering a large number of products for yourself or other consumers.