Cat Sick Blues meets funding goal on Kickstarter


We’re all guilty of it, right? Complaining about modern horror movies. ‘Hammer was the golden age’, ‘slashers are all the same’ are pretty common complaints to hear in the horror circle. However, working at Popcorn Horror has taught me that just because the mainstream releases can be…’meh’, there’s plenty of exciting horror projects out there in the indie community. Take Cat Sick Blues, a horror film which two days ago reached it’s crowd funding target on Kickstarter.

In 2012, the team made an award-winning short version of the film, also titled Cat Sick Blues. It made its premiere at the fantastic Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. It has since gone on to play across the globe, picking up the Jury Prize for Best Short Film at Spain’s FREAKEMACINE – Fantastic Film Festival of A Coruña (now known as FKM – Fantastic Film Festival of A Coruña). However, the team behind it always felt that it deserved to be a full length movie. It is a deeply personal horror film, which the team promise will be achieved through old school puppetry and practical effects.

Cat Sick Blues is the story of Ted, a man who loves his cat Patrick. When the cat dies, Ted’s brain snaps, prompting him to don a cat mask and vicious claws and embark on a bloody rampage. The way Ted sees it, all he needs is nine lives to bring his beloved feline back. This ridiculous, brutal, blood-drenched tale of a cat-fancier-turned-psychopath is from the twisted mind of director Dave Jackson and co-writer novelist Andrew Gallacher. They have been working on the concept with producer/star Matthew C. Vaughan for several years.

The film goes into production in November. Jackson said that his own lifelong love of cats prompted him wonder what lengths a damaged person might go to for their feline.

“We all know the grief of losing a pet. But would we all slaughter nine people and drain their blood to bring that pet back to life? We came up with someone who would. Ted’s a pretty messed-up guy.”

“Cat Sick Blues is going to be frenetic, insane and nightmarish, full of visceral gore effects and devoid of CGI. Oh and there’s a giant horned cat phallus in there too. It will be a totally unique piece of independent horror and we can’t wait to show it to you.” The team is well-schooled in genre filmmaking. Jackson has made several horror shorts that have played at a stack of festivals. Jackson is also editor and lead contributor for exploitation website, Mondo Exploito. Jackson and Vaughan also recently directed and co-created a series of dark comedy shorts for Australian network television.

You can find out more about this exciting project here or watch the trailer below:



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