Casino Royale: The Best Hollywood Movie About Gambling?

Gambling-themed Hollywood movies are some of the industry’s most glamorous, dramatic, and popular movies. From comedy to action, they have captivated audiences around the world for a long time and remained one of Hollywood’s most diverse yet consistent movies of the genre.

The movie industry has rolled out some of the biggest classics, and while there are many favorites among them, a general standout seems to be Casino Royale, a movie based on Ian Flemming’s first James Bond novel.

According to the infographic by CasinoSites, Casino Royale got a Rotten Tomato score of 95% and an IMDB score of 8/10 making it arguably the most critically acclaimed gambling movie of all time. Considering it also raked in a whopping $599 million in box office earnings, is it the best gambling movie of all time?

Directed by Martin Campbell, Casino Royale was released in November 2006. The film is the third screen adaptation of Flemming’s novel, starring Daniel Craig as agent 007 as he portrays James Bond during his early days as a spy. The movie pits 007 against one of the greatest villains of the Bond franchise, Le Chiffre, who finances the world’s terrorist organizations. 

The high-stakes poker and drama revolving around gambling in Casino Royale are some of the best the industry has produced. Daniel Craig’s on-screen chemistry with movie villain Mads Mikkelsen contributes to the film’s brilliance alongside a top-notch supporting cast that includes Eva Green and Jeffrey Wright. 

When both critical and fan reviews are put together, there’s no doubt that Casino Royale is one of the best Hollywood gambling movies ever made. It’s widely considered the best instalment of the James Bond franchise, too. It was the 4th highest-grossing film of 2006 and the 2nd highest-grossing James Bond movie until Skyfall in 2012. 

Check out the infographic below for more exciting information about Hollywood gambling movies.