Cartoons by OneFineDay

OneFineDayCartoons is the creation of Anjo, a small, blond, Australian asshole living in Edinburgh.  She tries not to let her maggot-brain get in the way of drawing nice things but most of the time those black worms wiggle out in front and are all she can see.  Tricksy Hobbits.  A lot of her work focuses on satirizing the boundaries of social, racial and gender normality.  That and fart jokes.

You would be hard pressed to find any adult human who watches more cartoons than she does.  Her first and, so far, only sad attempt at animation is called ”My Bad Day” and can be viewed and savagely critiqued on the One Fine Day – Cartoon’s facebook page.

She regularly takes commission work for bespoke pieces/custom artwork and is currently working on a commissioned piece depicting a cowboy be-hatt’ed man riding a Capybara into the sunset.

She loves bones, dragonfly wings and rickety tree-houses.

Pinhead VS Retail Therapy.

Pinhead vs. Retail Theapy