How Can You Get The Halloween Filter On Snapchat?

Sometimes you’re so busy with work or even working out on your bowflex home gym that you miss out on the festivities around you. It’s sad when you can’t buy or design a costume for yourself. The shopping and family activities involved in making Halloween a memorable event are family-oriented and fun-filled.

And, it’s usually on Halloween day that you do feel the urge to dress up. But, it’s so last minute, it usually isn’t possible to make something up.

How do you send your pics to your loved ones through Snapchat?

Well, smartphone technology has come so far that anything becomes virtually possible. The simplest solution for anyone with no Halloween costume but a desire to take snaps of you dressed up for Halloween is Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a messaging app, allowing users to exchange pictures and videos. These ‘snaps’ disappear in a short time after being sent.

Snapchat makes innumerable lenses suitable for most occasions. It is renowned for its virtual sticker and augmented reality features. Hence, if you aren’t in the mood to apply any makeup yet want to take a phenomenal pic, all you have to do is use one of Snapchat’s countless filters to look gorgeous.

The Halloween filter on Snapchat

Snapchat provides mind-blowing filters related to various occasions. So, you’ll get reindeer ears and jingle bell filters for Christmas. You can even use Easter filters with bunny rabbits and painted eggs.

With Snapchat, you don’t have to get just the ears as you can pretty much look like the Easter Bunny. The same rule applies to Halloween. Using Snapchat filters for Halloween is just as epic.

You can turn a friend or family member into the purple monster- a purple-colored, one-eyed, dancing monster. Or, you can go with the zombie, vampire, or black cat filters that promise uniqueness with each pic. But, there are some filters that only come around the Halloween season, lasting only for a week or two such as the Halloween make-up filter that gives you a glam but gothic look.

The augmented reality feature is another popular aspect of Snapchat. And, many are able to use their visual programming tools to customize their image, making each pic truly distinct.

How can you get the Halloween filter on Snapchat?

You have to remember that you can only avail the features of Snapchat if you have the app on your smartphone. So, start with going to the app store in your IOS or Android, and download the app.

Once you open the app-Snapchat, you find a ‘Face Emoji’ icon, tap on it and you’ll find a whole range of filters available to you. There are some filters that are available year-round. However, certain filters are only around during specific time periods. So, if you want a particular Snapchat Halloween filter, you have to wait for the week before Halloween.

As soon as Halloween is around the corner, you can access these filters with a simple tap of your fingers on the ‘Face Emoji’ icon, and go through the entire list of options that are in season.