How to buy Halloween loot boxes?

There is always a new hype that creates much animation amongst the younger generation. The latest you’ll hear is of ‘loot boxes.’ It may appear questionable to a grown-up who has no association with kids in general. But, if you are a parent or a caregiver with a kid who has a PlayStation or Xbox, then you’ll understand that ‘loot boxes’ are related to gaming.

What Are Loot Boxes?

Loot boxes are virtual items that users can purchase in games with real money. Yes, you heard that right. Gamers get a free loot box when you level up or when there are various seasonal promotions. In these loot boxes, you usually get a random selection of items that helps the user to have a better gaming adventure.

Moreover, there’s a sense of excitement that comes from opening a loot box. You can earn anything that may customize or alter the experience of the game. It is this factor that holds great appeal for young people.

Anything from unique weapons, ankle holsters, tools, talents, or even skins that may in some way or another affect the character’s appearance or ability in the game can be part of the loot box. Fundamentally, these loot boxes enhance the user’s overall experience.

Another aspect to understand is that though you spend real money on these loot boxes, anything you get as a result of the purchase is limited to the virtual world. In other words, you don’t have anything to show for the money that you’ve spent on these loot boxes, except a good gaming event.

 How can you buy Halloween loot boxes?

As mentioned earlier, seasonal promotions do bring around free loot boxes, now and then. But, it’s very limiting, according to most gamers.

Halloween season means plenty of free time on one’s hand. And, there are plenty of seasonal competitions taking place during these festive seasons too. So, you find that gamers feel the urge to use more and more loot boxes to gain an added advantage over their opponents.

But, once you’ve got the free loot boxes, the rest aren’t ‘on the house.’ Hence, you are required to share your credit card details to buy online from the in-house shops. The concept is simple – the more you spend, the more loot boxes you’ll have.  The more loot boxes you have, the more fun it’s going to be playing. And, if you want a Halloween loot box, wait for the seasonal promotions to start before you buy anything.

Things To Keep In Mind

In-game purchases never guarantee that each loot box is different. Thus, you may end up with similar skins or tools.

Furthermore, loot boxes tend to be addictive. Recent research has shown that it induces problem gambling. So, if you have younger kids playing and making in-house purchases, you ought to keep a close eye on them.

And, gaming is exhilarating for young people. But, it can curb the social skills development of an individual, so take care not to let them limit themselves to the flat screen and enjoy some outdoor activities too.


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