Bring Some Fun To Your Halloween Seance With A ‘Wal-Ouija’ Board

Illustrators Marlowe Dobbe and Nyssa Oru combined infamous Nintendo villain Waluigi with the design of an Ouija Board to make ‘Wal-Ouija’. The 8.5 by 14-inch collectible boards sold out at GeekGirlCon, but is now available to order online at Tictail.

In the colors of Waluigi’s signature purple suit, the board promises a vast variety of musing of our boy Waluigi. ‘Spook your friends! Scare your mom! Break that rule of yours about not allowing any kind of Ouija board into your home!’

He can answer “yes or no” questions with a “wa” or “nah,” and even respond to your inquiries with a “waaaa,” or a “awww”!

You can pick up the board for just $20 from Tictail.

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