Brian Luong: Drawlloween


Brian Luong is an illustrator currently residing in Southern California. He favors natural and organic subject matters, often building upon what nature has to offer in order to create otherworldly and mysterious subjects for his work. Using a muted pallet, meticulous hatching, and broad fills of color, Brian creates work that has been honed and refined to best suit the silkscreen printing process.

This Halloween, Brian took part in an art challenge called Drawlloween. The online challenge provides artists with a monster or fantasy creature to draw each day in the month of October.


Day 1: Goblin – Brian went for a Lord of the Rings theme to this piece


Day 2: Witch


Day 3: Zombie – this one was inspired by the game The Last of Us


Day 4: Dragon

Day 5: Creature from the Black Lagoon (looking far more sinister than usual)

Day 6: Spiders

Day 7: The Moon

Day 8: Electric Zombie. (We’re loving this futuristic take on the zombie)

Day 9: Skull. An awesome, creative take on the open theme

Day 10: Demon

Day 11: Ghost (reminds us of Mama)

Day 12: Devil

Day 13: Mummy

Day 14: Pyramid Head

Day 15: Creepy face (We loved this more sinister Frankenstein’s monster)

Day 16: Werewolf

Day 17: Gore

Day 18: Skeleton

Day 19: Charm

Day 20: Corpse (Love this one – really creepy medical image)

Day 21: Black Cat (really clever with the shadows)

Day 22: Spirit

Day 23: Bat (Butcher bat – next slasher villain?)

Day 24: Alien

Day 25: Raven (Brian created this as a companion piece to his bat)

Day 26: Vampire (Really clever use of shadows again)

Day 27: 8 Bit (One for Minecraft fans)

Day 28: Mask

Day 29: Ghoul

Day 30: Pumpkin

Day 31: Eyeball (Awesome – reminds me of Hocus Pocus)

Find out more about Brian’s art: