Brian Harmon: Horror Perlers


Brian Harmon and his wife Emily are teachers, so spend much of their summer with their children and creating art. They have been active in the Greater Cincinnati art fair scene for about a decade and recently decided to make the jump to internet sales as well. Inspired by nature and the colors of autumn, they create in traditional folk media, but add contemporary twists. From wax-finished pottery to sugar skull painted gourds, they strive to make a unique product. Brian recently made some fusible bead crafts with hisson and caught the bug. Since then, this geekcraft has become an obsession as he began creating his own pop-culture inspired designs in melted, pixel-art, plastic beads.


Last year, Brian had a student use Perler beads to make a realistic portrait.  He bought her the supplies and she did a great job.  This summer, his 6 year old son was helping him clean up the classroom.  He saw the leftover beads and asked what they were.  Brian brought them home and showed him how they worked.  Although his son lost interest fairly quickly, Brian became obsessed with the craft.

“I am a big horror fan, but I don’t take it too seriously.  Despite the death and blood, I just think they’re so fun.  Perler beads are perfect for my relationship with horror.  The blocky beads can’t help but lend a fun, campy, nostalgic feel to the grisly subjects.  My Perlers are cute, funny versions of the killers I grew up on that used to keep me awake at night.”   – Brian Harmon

Brian designs the patterns for all of these creations himself, and estimates that this stage can take around a day. Putting the final pieces together takes twenty minutes on average.


In the future, Brian plans to tackle the Universal Classic Monster series, including Wolfman, Mummy, and .Frankenstein’s monster. He also wants to tackle Pinhead of the Hellraiser series, which he has attempted in the past without much success.

As is Popcorn Horror Tradition, we asked Brian about his zombie survival plans. He explained – “If I can safely make it to my high school, I’m heading there.  I have an interior classroom, but with easy access to the outside.  We also have a well stocked cafeteria right down the hallway.  I’m thinking I could ride out a few month there, no problem.  Also, I attend several zombie walks each year so I have a tote full of costumes.  I might throw one of those on and try to blend in if necessary.”


Check out more of Brian’s work at his online store