Boxhead, An Animated Horror Film


Boxhead is an in-progress animated horror film, and the latest to join our list of Popcorn Horror approved crowdfunding campaigns. The film was concieved by Randall Kaplan, a short filmmaker for over ten years about to embark on creating his first feature length project. The idea for the movie came about from a figure he claims appeared to him at eleven years old. Kaplan drew the figure many times over the years, and began to refer o him as ‘Boxhead’. While at university, he made live action short film with the creature. The film showed at many festivals and is collected along with Kaplan’s other films on the DVD, Beneath the Flesh.


The Boxhead figure who haunted the filmmakers childhood

The storyline is explained through Randall Kaplan’s distinct and unsettling oil paintings – some of which are available as perks on the campaign page.

“Al is an aging, alcoholic recluse. There was a time when he aspired to be someone; a writer, with a life and career. That time, along with all of his dreams have long passed him by.”


“He lives alone, his life reduced to an empty, solitary and drunken existence.

But as time slips away, a strange creature watches, waiting in the dark…

One night Al discovers something absolutely horrible that could possibly save his soul.

He takes on the role of a detective, acting out a story he never finished.

All the while, the creature enters into different people’s lives, unveiling their deepest fears and regrets, their loneliness…

…and feeding off of it.”


“Al is led down a rabbit hole, through a labyrinth of past and present fantasies and nightmares, to ultimately, find himself.”


The filmmaker explained the deeply personal nature of this project: “Boxhead is the culmination of years of concepts, themes, images, characters and even sounds that go back to my childhood. I’ve always explored loneliness in my work and life. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York back in the early 1990s I saw many lonely and desperate people. As a child seeing these people on the street left me often confused, frightened, and very disturbed. But as I grew older, and battled with my own loneliness, they became a source of inspiration. I’ve always been very lucky to have, above all, an outlet for my feelings in my art. Now, I wish more than anything to share something deeply personal and yet, I believe, universal, with you.”

This looks like a truly unique horror film, with a very distinct visual style and atmosphere. Currently it has raised over half of it’s $26,000 target. To support the campaign, or find out more, head over the the Kickstarter page. You can also watch a partial opening sequence for Boxhead below.