Book Review: In The Mood For Murder

Written by – D. E. McCluskey & Tony Bolland

Review by Stephen Harper

Not only is Dave McCluskey a prolific comic book writer with titles such as ‘Wooden Heart’, ‘The Few’ and collaborations with other writers such as Matt Shaw on ‘Sick B*stards’ and ‘Eleven’, he is the accomplished author of novels ‘The Twelve’ and ‘Crack’, but it’s his novel ‘In The Mood For Murder’ that I’d like to draw a little attention to.

I’ll be totally honest judging by its cover I thought this would be a nice little murder mystery, but I can assure you this a hardcore, violent, sucker-punch of a story.

Set post WW2 in Liverpool. The Rialto theatre is the hottest place around and hosts the best in Big Band swing. The place sells out nightly with youngsters packing the place out and forgetting about the blitz-ravaged streets outside.

The clubs house band are in need of a new singer. George the bands drummer who couldn’t serve in the war due to disability is seething that he’s being overlooked because of the same issues. His dreams of being a front man maybe be worth killing for?

What’s highly impressive about ‘In The Mood For Murder’ is that McCluskey expertly builds atmosphere and describes the period to the finest detail, but doesn’t spend an eternity doing so. Even though this is primarily a period piece the pacing is so good it will appeal to modern readers. His characters are identifiable and you care about their journey and outcomes.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the final act of the book is bloody insane and I truly mean bloody.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover and ‘In The Mood For Murder’ empitomises this. A BLOODY great read.

In The Mood For Murder is available via Amazon UK.