Would You Board Flight 666 To HEL on Friday 13th?


Are you a superstitious person? Working in horror, the date Friday the 13th for me is a creative day in the office, or an opportunity for a Jason binge. But for those of you fearful of dark omens, you’re probably glad you avoided this flight!

At roughly 13:00 (on Friday 13th), the Finnair flight 666 departed from Copenhagen (country code: CPH) to Helsinki (HEL). In addition, the aircraft (tail number OH-LXM) is reportedly 13 years old.


Happily, there were no incidents, and the flight landed safely at it’s destination.

Would you be happy to take Flight 666 on Friday the 13th? While some people were horrified at the thought, many were jealous that they weren’t on this unique flight.

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