Bloody Cuts – Who’s There Challenge: The Finalists


Our friends at Bloody Cuts are an awesome group of filmmakers who have created an anthology series of short horror films, presented online for free. Some of their previous films include Suckablood and Don’t Move – which was a finalist in our Blood Games competition last year. The crew recently hosted a worldwide filmmaking challenge, giving indie horror creators the opportunity to create short slices of terror and have their work seen by top industry professionals. Filmmakers had to create a horror film, in under three minutes based on the theme of ‘Who’s There?’. Earlier this afternoon, the six finalists were revealed, and we’re going briefly review the top entries. You can see all the finalists for yourself, and check out the other entries here.



Director Peter Czikrai’s entry ‘A…’ is a medical, possession and body horror piece rolled into one. There’s some truly gruesome effects in this one, which are really well executed considering the budget restriction of $1000.  What really impressed me was the contrast in setting – the classic, historic exorcism style setup with the sterile, harsh medical world. There’s also a lot of symbolic elements – fire being a source of cleansing, ect., that give an added layer of depth to the film.




An original little horror comedy, this one has some really nice touches. The basic setup is there’s a barber, with some unusual clients – but we don’t want to give too much away. The setting is fantastic, clearly inspired by the atmosphere of early Tim Burton films. Great timing, plays up to horror cliches and tackles them in a very imaginative, creative manner. One of my personal favourites.




This one deals with the moral panic of witch hunts in the vein of Witchfinder General and other films in this style. The visuals are great for the budget, and there’s a sense of loss of innocent that’s portrayed really well. But it does in many ways feel like a story we’re familiar with, and have seen many times. Aside from that, it feels like a story that couldn’t be told effectively in a short time frame – leaving a lot of unanswered questions.

Fear Inc


You know the feeling that comes with being a seasoned horror nerd – that nothing really seems to scare you anymore? That’s the premise for Fear Inc, a company who specialise in terrorising clients. It’s fairly obvious what’s going to happen from the setup, but the film is still interesting and fast paced enough to keep your interest. There’s an element of not knowing how far the ‘company’ are going to go that also keeps things tense.



A nice little film in the genre of ‘wake up somewhere – don’t remember a thing’, with a bit of a twist. We’re not going to spoil it, but you won’t see the ending coming. Aside from that, it manages to communicate a lot of fear with zero dialogue, and that fact that it appears to take place in an ordinary neighbourhood is a refreshing change from these sorts of film being set in extravagant torture chambers.

Play Time


Being honest, I’m not sure I get this one. The elements are there to be pretty creepy, TVs behaving oddly have been scary since Ring, but their connection to the doll doesn’t make a lot of sense. The images on the TV work well, in that they’re not actually horrific in any way, but their fast paces, static-y look add something to the atmosphere. The sound is also great, creating a sense of relentless terror for the main character. There were some great elements, but everything being more tied together would have helped.


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