Blood-Soaked ‘Kill Pill’ Is Crowdfunding


KILL PILL is an exciting new horror film, creating a new spin on the much loved zombie genre. The creators aim to create a fresh and exciting take on the zombie apocalypse movie.  – This film will be part 1 of 4 phases which will eventually make a feature film.

A group of teenagers must survive the night after a deadly ecstasy pill ‘kill pill’ turns their friends into rage infected cannibals at a secluded house party. The film has been described as ‘It Follows’ meets ‘The Walking Dead

Here’s the synopsis: ‘In a remote English town, Pregnant 17 year old Ellie is babysitting her little sister Molly. After receiving a panic stricken phone call from her twin brother Leo, Ellie drives to the house party that is taking place at a small abandoned castle to find her brother. Once Ellie arrives with Molly at the remote house party, they descend inside. Once they reach Leo, we discover he has been attacked by Killa ( the father of Ellie’s baby). After a confrontation with Oli , the group reunite to realize Molly is missing. Suddenly chaos descends as the party goers begin to transform into rage infected cannibals.

After winning the prestigious Best of British Award at IRIS PRIZE–  the co-director/co writer Lloyd Eyre-Morgan plans to use the Pinewood Studios Post Production prize of £14,000 on this film project. Co-writer Neil Ely heard a real life news story of people eating people after taking illegal highs in America, he then approached me with the idea to turn this into a film, together we developed a compelling story self contained at a house party, where an outbreak of infected teenagers starts an apocalypse.”, the director explained.

Kill Pill is currently seeking funding via IndieGoGo, with rewards including the chance to be murdered on camera!