Blood Money New Trailer Released


With the worldwide release of indie film ‘Blood Money’ just a month away, the team have released a brand new 4k trailer.

Blood Money, directed by Luke White is a tense and claustrophobic psychological thriller in which five friends are forced to hide in a deserted holiday home after a botched heist. The film stars Ollie Barbieri (Skins, Anuvahood), Klariza Clayton (Skins, Harry Brown), Scott Chambers (Chicken), and introdes Sabrina Hansen and Nicholas Bourne.

White described the blend of horror and crime thriller, “theres such a sense that as an audience we are living with the characters in real-time, moving from room to room as the drama plays out; It has something of a theatrical feel about it”.

Blood Money is available to pre-order on iTunes now. You can watch the new trailer below.