This Lamp makes you Bleed for Light


Here’s a unique way of generating power, forcing us to thing about our energy consumption and appealing to horror fans all at the same time. The Blood Lamp was created by designer Mike Thompson, and it powered solely by the user’s (or indeed a willing friend’s) blood. Mike, a design artist originally from Teesside living in the Netherlands, designed the lamp after noticing that the average household’s energy usage was extremely high and wanted to show that there was an alternative to conventional energy consumption.

Mike experimented with substances known to cause luminescence. He explained that “When the iron in haemoglobin in your blood is mixed with the chemical in Luminol, the effect is light given off.” 

To activate the lamp, users break open the top of a glass container and drop a tablet into the liquid inside. Then after the tablet dissolves, the broken glass is then used to access your blood, and that is added to the liquid concoction in order to create light.

Check out the video below where the designer’s friend Susanna demonstrates the blood lamp.

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