Bleeding Shark Teabags Are Perfect for a Jaws Marathon


Looking to liven up your morning cup of tea? Or perhaps you need a suitable drink to accompany a Jaws marathon or Shark Week. You’ll want to check out this awesome shark inspired tea bag design from Daisho Fishery Company.

The company have devised two flavours – one which is ‘luxury deep steamed green tea’ flavoured, and another which is packed with a rosehip and hibiscus infusion which when soaked in hot water appears to bleed.



When you combine the shape of the tea bag, the diver themed tag, and the slow, swirling way this red tea mixes with the hot water, it really does start to look like a recently-attacked shark slowly bleeding out into the hot water.

Daisho is currently crowdfunding to manufacture these, aiming to raise a million yen so that the bags are ready for delivery in December. The company ran a similar campaign last year when they sought ¥500,000 through crowdfunding to produce a dolphin tea bag – and raised ¥2,500,000.





Watch a video of the teabag in action below.

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