BLAIRE Archive


BLAIRE is a web-comic created for Popcorn Horror by Sarah Allan. You can see more of her art on Tumblr and support her work via Patreon.

The idea for BLAIRE came about after reading the article ‘Taboo of the Horror Nerd‘ by Aaron Sagers back in 2011. The article explored that while main other forms of ‘nerdom’ are becoming more accepted and even mainstream than ever, self confessed horror nerds are still ofter considered dark, scary outsiders. Perhaps the quote which best summarises this sentiment is; “Basically, there is no “The Big Bang Theory” chronicling the loveable foibles of a dedicated nerd who can list his top five cannibal movies, and is steeped in a fandom of dismembered bodies and buckets of blood.” 

We wanted to that loveable nerd, and give horror fans a mascot who’s out to show the world that we’re not really that scary!

“BLAIRE is a horror enthusiast. Blaire collects everything and anything scary as well as hosting a horror lovers club.  With a best friend who’s professional monster hunter and a group of fiendish friends, adventures await for these proud horror-obsessed nerds!”

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