Black Cherry Cakes

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You might be wondering why the image above is so cutesy, why the birds are not pecking out any eyeballs or fluttering around moaning ‘Braaaains’. The truth is that everyone has a dark side, even sweet, cute cakes. Little Cherry Cake Company looks innocent enough, but it’s founder Tracey has a dark side. Black Cherry Cake Company is her spin off from cutesy animals and kids birthdays – and it’s awesome! Tracey describes herself by saying “I LOVE horror movies, 80′s flicks, zombies, skulls, rock music, cartoons, Tim Burton, Disney, popcorn, tattoos and general geek filled goodness. I talk alot, I get excited about themed cakes, I’ve been a gamer since I could hold a control pad and I also have to admit that I’m in love with Freddy Krueger and pizza.”

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Welcome to the dark side!

What we love about Black Cherry is the attitude that occasion cakes should reflect the individual, and if that happens to be a massive horror nerd – then that’s great! Tracey explains “I LOVE themed weddings too. I believe a wedding should represent the couple. Stamp your personalities all over your day and stick two fingers up to the people who don’t think it’s ‘normal’.”

Tracey’s work also includes ‘Eds’, solid chocolate skulls, ranging from Goonies inspired, to Day of the Dead. Nom nom.

But our personal favourites have to be her Freddy inspired designs. Here are cupcakes Tracey made for Mark Patton – aka Jesse from Nightmare on Elm Street II. The sugar skull represents the art he sells in Mexico. ‘He’s inside me’ is the most iconic quote from the film. ‘Touch me all night long’ is the song that plays during the famous bedroom montage. The couple in bed were a request from the actor. ‘There is no Jesse’ is another famous line from the film, and ‘Scream Queen’…uh…just watch the movie!

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Here’s another one based on Freddy’s infamous Soul Pizza.


And this one, which is all kinds of epic.

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Find out more, or order yourself a grizzly treat at the official Black Cherry Website or check out more amazing cakes on the Facebook Page.