Black Cat Creates Horror Soundtrack by Stepping on Keyboard

Sometimes it is the soundtrack that makes a horror film memorable. It’s worth asking whether ‘Jaws’ would have become one of the most successful films of all time without it’s famous score. The theme music of iconic films including ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘Halloween’ are as well known as the films and characters themselves. Clearly an innovative musical score can make or break a horror movie, and a great deal of time and expertise is dedicated to their composition.

However, film composers might have a rival to contend with – one who seems to create spooky soundtracks with ease! Mitzi is a black cat who likes to wander across her owners keyboard, conjuring up nightmarish music inadvertently. Her owner Loz captured a video of Mitzi in action, and explains in the video caption “Mitzi the cat plays some seriously frightening horror movie music with her paws!”

Commenters on the video noted that the cat’s efforts were seriously impressive, remarking ‘This could actually be put into a high budget scary movie and no one would think it wasn’t fitting and “I want a scene in a horror film where someone hears this music coming from their apartment. They slowly walk down the hall, only to realize it’s the cat — standing on the synth.”

More Info: YouTube