What Are The Most Bizarre Halloween Products Ever To Hit Store Shelves

For those of us who love the spooky season, the annual tradition of awaiting store shelves to be stocked with Halloween goodies is upon us. Slowly, supplies are making their way to shops across the world, with Halloween enthusiasts eagerly awaiting this year’s offerings. Of course, we have a little more than most to stock up on, since we’ll be decorating for Glasgow Horror Fest!

We all like something a bit quirky or scary to add to our collections, but what are some of the most bizarre Halloween decorations to ever show up in stores? We take a look at some products that made us say…”why?”.

Do you need to be both professional and Halloween-y? Clearly you need this Halloween suit.

Don’t let the Halloween fun stop at the bathroom door.

Proving that nothing is safe from Star Wars merchandising – it’s Darth Vader pumpkin push-ins.

When you just can’t eat brains with ordinary cutlery.

If you’re going to sing Halloween songs, why not a pumpkin ukulele to accompany?

Of all the bizarre costume items, this is by far the most off-putting.

Spill some water on this color changing poster for a slightly underwhelming prank.

Do you need to stab someone while wishing them a “Happy Halloween”?

Accessorize your car this Halloween with a bat antenna topper.

What else are you going to clean that knife with when you’re done stabbing?


Don’t leave fishy out of the fun, decorate the aquarium for the season.

Scare up the office with this impractical looking mouse.

Halloween: the season where t-shirts require an app.

Okay, we see some use for a drink IV.

The cat looks appropriately horrified.