The Most Bizarre, Freaky and Nonsensical Halloween Patents Filed

Technology has always been a part of Halloween, you might well have purchased Halloween themed drones, projection equipment or smartphone compatible costumes.

The desire to innovate the holiday has existed for decades, with literally thousands of seasonal patents approved through the years. Here’s our pick of some of the most bizarre and wacky Halloween themed patents.

Anti-monster kit and method of use – A kit and method for using the kit to aid in alleviating the childhood fears that are associated with fictitious negative entities, such as monsters, ghosts, ghouls, and the like.

Chemiluminescently illuminated costume safety mask – a costume safety mask housing chemiluminescent reagents. Upon activation, the reagents illuminate the mask or features thereon for purposes of novelty illumination and safety of the wearer

Phallic devices with audio features and related methods – embodiment includes a Halloween-oriented phallic device in which LEDs produce orange and black light display, the outer surface of the housing is configured to resembles a skeletal bone, the end cap is configured to resemble a jack-o-lantern, and the audio system plays spooky or scary music. This Halloween-oriented phallic device might then make an excellent gag-gift or attendance prize at a Halloween party.

Appliance for a Toilet Having a Flush Responsive Audio Player – Scaring Halloween party guests, an appliance for a toilet having a flush responsive audio player plays preselected audio content keyed in response to a toilet flush event

Halloween light-emitting lantern candy bucket  – The invention discloses a Halloween light-emitting lantern candy bucket. A lifting handle is installed at the top end of the left side of a wire. An upper shell is installed at the bottom end of a top cover. A lower shell is arranged at the bottom end of the upper shell.

Halloween pumpkin punch out kit – The ornamental design for a Halloween pumpkin punch out kit, as shown.

Halloween bag with pop-up surprise – a pop-up mechanism for use with a bag so that when operated by a user, a decorative object pops up from a hidden position within the bag to a position clearly in view

Electrical outlet cover with jack-o-lantern graphic.

Halloween Greetings System – Halloween greeting system for prompting young children to remember to say “trick or treat” and “thank you” is provided. The greeting system includes a Halloween treat container that has a voice recorder/audio player; and a remote control unit for triggering the voice recorder/audio player to play a recorded message.


Bleeding Costume – A costume element having an inner layer and an at least in part transparent outer layer forming a passage therebetween, the passage having an upper opening. A fluid visible in at least a part of the passage is injected into the passage through the upper opening.

Pumpkin carving kit for carving sexually themed images – A pumpkin carving kit includes at least one pattern formed from a relatively thin, relatively flexible and relatively non-porous material that is substantially impervious to moisture. The pattern includes at least one cutout portion having a plurality of edges.

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