The Best References for Microsoft Exam 70-486: From Training Courses to Practice Tests

Microsoft certifications certainly lead to professional confidence and career security. As a result, many professionals invest their time and money to gain these eminent IT validations. But of course, just like all other certifications, obtaining one means you got to deal with a series of exams that will test your knowledge and polish your skillset.

To be able to successfully acquire a Microsoft certification, you should be ready to utilize multiple resources, both offline and online. For those who are getting ready for their Microsoft exam 70-486, you can follow through this list of materials that will surely make your preparation less stressful.


  • Microsoft Cert PREP Talk for Exam 486

Before you hit the vigorous training courses and comprehensive books, it’s best to watch this specially-prepared video first. In this episode, you will have an easier and wider understanding of exam 70-486 as a whole. Certification specialists, Jeremy Foster and James Seymour, will walk you through the exam objectives and exam benefits one by one.


  • Pro ASP.NET MVC 5 by Adam Freeman

Now that you have an overview of what exam 70-486 is all about, you can now pursue various exam materials. One of the best books for this particular exam is Pro ASP.NET MVC 5 by Adam Freeman. Microsoft exam 70-486 is the substantiation of your abilities in developing different ASP.NET MVC web applications. And in this highly-rated book, you will secure significant knowledge about the ASP.NET MVC 5 framework, which is the latest advancement of the evolving Microsoft ASP.NET web platform. With the support of this material, you will learn the value of ASP.NET MVC 5 in an organization, which includes high-productivity programming, more efficient code architecture, and potent extensibility.


  • Exam Ref 70-486: by James Chambers David Paquette, and Simon Timms

Another impeccable book that you can use as a guide is the Exam Ref for 70-486. This material is considered as the official study reference that covers the exam objectives systematically. It targets those who want to acquire a detailed understanding of application architecture, deployment architecture, user experience, web apps, and such through comprehensive chapter discussions. Clearly, this book will help brush up your skills about ASP.NET MVC 5.


  • Expert-led Course 20486D (5 days)

Designed for experienced web developers who have a background in Microsoft Visual Studio, this 5-day classroom training is an instrumental material to pass exam 70-486. This course shows you how to manage and develop more complex ASP.NET Core MVC apps using various .NET Core functions and technologies. More so, this material highlights the importance of coding activities in boosting the performance and usage of the Web site app. And of course, since this is the official training course provided by Microsoft, it also features the official training content so you’ll closely keep track of the exam objectives. This will be given through an inclusive and interactive discussion of the topics. Plus, you can easily clear any unsure subjects with an instructor because you will be attending the course either in person or remotely.


  • On-demand Training Course 20486D (3 months)

If you couldn’t enrol in the 5-day classroom training, relax because you have another option. The self-paced course allows you to study at your own speed for 3 months. This is highly recommended for those who want to have a more relaxed yet still informative learning experience. And the best thing about this course is that you can access it anytime and conveniently explore the provided guided paths and individual modules. Aside from the detailed, online discussion, the material features SATV redemption, which is a collection of training vouchers that enhance your productivity and ensure effective exam preparation.


  • Microsoft Official Practice Test

Containing 176 valuable questions, the official practice test is such a definitive tool in helping you ace your test. For each question, you will be given thorough explanations and useful references. Plus, you will easily identify your strong and weak points because this one comes with on-the-spot report card. Also, you will love how this practice test got a timed certification feature that allows you to answer the mock exam with a timer. As a result, you will not just practice your technical know-how but also your time management skills.


  • Exam-Labs’ Premium Bundle

The official practice test for exam 70-486 is relatively inadequate to develop your knowledge and gauge your exam readiness. So, you better avail of the Exam-Labs’ premium bundle. Currently priced at $24.99, this bundle is your go-to online reference for updated practice tests, complete exam guides, and thorough online training courses. So, if you want to invest in something that gives you everything, you won’t be disappointed with Exam-Labs. All their exam dumps are effortlessly accessible using the VCE Player. In addition, these dumps are updated by many successful exam takers from all parts of the globe while the premium files are checked by IT experts. The reason of popularity of exam dumps is that they are the most valid and updated at Exam-Labs. 


  • YouTube Videos

If you have extra time, spend it wisely by watching the free videos for exam 70-486 on YouTube. These videos are contributory to your exam success, especially that these are mostly created and published by those who have already completed their exams. Therefore, you will learn new insights as well as improve your exam proficiency with the help of these online materials at no additional cost.


Completing exam 70-486, together with exam 70-480 (HTML5 Programming with JavaScript & CSS3) or 70-483 (C# Programming), means that you are completely ready to showcase your expertise in implementing modern web apps. By then, you will obtain your MCSA: Web Applications credential and enjoy all its professional perks. The skills and knowledge acquired when preparing for your certification exams will surely be your guide in shaping your career in the future! To check your knowledge, use exam dumps from Exam-Labs.