The Best Photographs from Reddit’s Morbidly Beautiful

It sounds like a juxtaposition, but many people are fascinated by the beauty in morbid scenes and images.

r/morbidly beautiful is a subreddit dedicated to photographs of haunting and unsettling subjects that are oddly fascinating or beautiful.

We’ve picked out a few of the best images from the reddit community.

A doll face resting on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. This doll belonged to a child who perished on the Titanic.

Human body frozen and cut into 4mm slices. Body worlds London.

The jewel-encrusted skeleton of Catholicism’s forgotten martyr

Professor Popjie’s ghastly invention, Radiana — a robot built with human bones, 1925.

Hedgehog Skeleton

Scars left after lightning strike

Marie Antoinette’s Head: Wax, Molded by the Wax Sculptor Madame Tussauds Shortly After Her Beheading

Arnie Sanders, a New Yorker who was committed after telling his doctor he saw angels and demons fighting on the subway.

Skull of Mary Magdalene

Photograph from 1870 showing an enormous mountain of buffalo skulls

Historic skeleton of person believed to be a vampire, with a stake driven into the mouth to prevent rising from the dead and drinking blood

Brain and spinal cord

Damaged statue from the abandoned Western Village theme park in Japan



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