The Best New Casino Movies

As times change, so too does movie productions, especially those that focus on the casino niche. In years gone by, casino movies were renowned for their use of excessive violence through the depiction of cruel, ruthless mobs and gun trotting criminals. However, a new wave of casino movies has taken centre stage in recent times focusing more on the lighter side of the glitzy and dangerous casino life. The best casino movies of today include The House, Now You See Me 2 and Think like a Man Too. Discover what these greats are all about below!

  1. The House

Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell in the movie, “The House”, portray two parents experiencing a mid-life crisis owing to ill-fated decisions that led them to squander their daughter’s college fund. The two, in an attempt to recoup funds, become innovative and establish an unlicensed casino right in their very home. To provide their players the ultimate satisfaction, the duo furnish the home with all things casino related and hire a ’14 year old’ DJ to help entertain clients. The House is a movie that displays all that is common in the casino industry- the crooked dealers, corrupt cops and the mafia are all featured. Will and Amy are helped by a close friend and neighbour who often sneak disgruntled customers into their home to delight with the help of a few strip dancers. The movie also features a dark side when a customer tries to rip off the two parents, leaving them distraught. This is definitely one of the greats. We reckon you can watch The House many times as it’s entertaining as much as it is hilarious. The movie is a 2017 release that recently aired on 31 June.

  1. Now You See Me 2

Daniel Radclifffe, Morgan Freeman and a few other legendary actors star in the movie, “Now You See Me 2”- A heist movie centred on four horsemen who use their illusionist powers in an extraordinary way. The four magicians through their handler and FBI agent, Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Rhodes, learn that a successful casino operator is ripping off players through the use of advanced software. The four embark on a mission to hack into the casino system while helping themselves to large sums of money. Their plan is derailed by the emergence of one of their own, Henley Reeves widely believed to be dead. Reeves comes with his own strategies, but the negotiations to follow between him and the secret group bring the movie to light. Now You See Me 2 was released in 2016 on June 6 and is worth a watch as one of the new best casino movies.

  1. Think like a Man Too

Think like a Man Too is a comic movie set in the majestic Las Vegas City. After coming for a weekend to attend a wedding of their friend Terrence J (Michael) and Regina Hall (Candace), a group of friends and their spouses soon find themselves in compromising situations which threaten to undo all their hard efforts and put strains on their relationships. One of Michael’s friends, Kevin Hart (Cedric) uses his girlfriends’ credit card for travelling expenses and when his girlfriend learns about this, Cedric decides to recover $40,000 by playing poker. However, he loses all. In a twist of fortune, Cedric lends a friend Gary Owen (Bennet), his last dollar that wins him $100, 000 on a slot machine.  Think like a Man Too is a must watch, released in 2014 and has all the drama and casino action to be listed as one of the greats.

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