The Best Horror Video Games

Horror video games can bring out a wide range of emotions in players. From fear and panic to disgust and even nausea. The best horror games usually focus on one of the emotions described above and excel on that goal. We tried to find out which games of such genre have been released so far.

Silent Hill 2

When it comes to scary games and video game terror, it doesn’t get any better than Silent Hill 2. The whole game is a disturbing journey for the player and the tortured souls you meet on the way are a constant reminder. You can find pretty much everything that’s wrong with the world in this video game. From sexual abuse, guilt, emotional tragedy, anger and trauma, the whole game is a perfect mix of all those emotions. Every step of the game keeps you on the edge as the mounting feelings when you are trying to avoid the inevitable menace never disappears.


Amnesia – The Dark Descent

Amnesia is a cocktail of panic, tension and anxiety. Somehow, it manages to keep you on the edge of your mental health without jump scares but it goes to build real tension making use of the sound background and atmosphere. The fact that you are unable to fight off pursuers, the sanity system that keeps players from looking at disfigured monsters, makes every turn you make a real fight for survival.


This is something really special since it was developed by Hideo Kojima and the world-famous Guillermo Del Toro. The two put their brains together to come up with one of the scariest videogames ever. Even though all the activity takes place in a never-ending looping hallway, every corner you take gets scarier and scarier.

Resident Evil

Developed by Capcom, this remastered version of the first Resident Evil that was launched in 1996, is really one of the best horror games out there. The original was already terrifying enough, however, with the added levels of details and sophistication made this game one of the best-made horror games. It’s so scary and scarring that you’ll want to take a break from everything spooky and just read something totally plain like the Coral Casino review.


Eternal Darkness – Sanity Requiem

This videogame takes terror and transforms it into a part of the game. As you progress through the game your sanity meter begins to drop triggering some awesome effects that can be really scary at one point. The best part about this game is that it takes the scare outside of the game and simulates a system crash, a blackout of the display or even simulating your save game being deleted.

Fatal Frame – Crimson Butterfly

This video game sets itself apart from modern games that are usually all about running and hiding. Fatal Frame forces you to face the fear, it is actually the only way to survive – facing the horrors and taking a snapshot.

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