What Are Some of the Best Horror Video Games of All Time?

The unworldly screech of a distant, unknown creature, the ghost-silence of the dark, and the spine-chilling sensation that cuddles up in your brain telling you’re being watched from afar…

These are the sensations that the horror genre can offer and more. So, if you’re looking for a good scare, and you’re not afraid to have the sanity of your mind tested, the games below are just down your alley.

Do you dare to play them?

Lone Survivor


Silent Hill is not just a horror movie we all wish we could un-see, it’s also the inspiration for this not-so-scary, but yet, horrifying game.

Just like in Silent Hill, the atmosphere of terror is created by the way the game plays with your mind. Are the things you see real or just your imagination? Oh yes, the character tends to go bananas if he doesn’t visit his flat and get some food from time to time!

In Lone Survivor, you’re the only human being left alive (as far as you can tell) and you scour the city, looking for supplies. The shadows are lurking with indescribable creatures of evil that you know are there and will show up when you less expect it.

Overall, Lone Survivor may not be the kind of scary that sends you screaming into the night, but it is the kind that plays with your mind, sending chills down the spine.



What could you expect from such a game: puppies and unicorns? Oh no! F.E.A.R is gruesome, shows you images of half-eaten bodies (oh yes, there’s a cannibal in the story), and a cute, friendly little girl called Alma.

In fact, Alma turns out to be dead and she is the kind of scary you can only see in The Ring. She can’t just be shot, regardless of your arsenal, and only shows up in the action when you start to consider yourself invincible.

If a little girl’s ghost and a cannibal are not enough to scare you, you should test your nerves with F.E.A.R! Just make sure you have a second pair of underwear nearby.

Little Nightmares


We all love fairy tales, but when they take a dark turn, things may get extremely unpleasant. I think this happens because the fairy tale feel is deeply rooted in our brains, and when things turn ugly, we feel them just like a real-life blow.

Your job is to escape The Maw, which is a hellish location, filled with all sorts of weird, contorting creatures. Of course, your character is the pray and nothing happens when you expect. It’s beautifully disturbing and impressively horrifying!



The old asylum, way from the world, abandoned and creepy is literally a place no one would want to visit in real life. Such a place gives you the creeps just thinking about it and Outlast takes full advantage of such scenery.

To add to the intensity of the action, the game sets the activity during the night, and your character sees things in night vision mode. Outlast is a combination of exploration and cowering behind objects, while hiding from horrific creatures, that seem created in the bowls of Hell to torment humanity forever.

The cool thing is that there’s a multiplayer mode, so if you want to share the scare with friends, the experience will definitely be more realistic.

Resident Evil 7 


Considering the length of the franchise, fans feared that Resi 7 would be a bust. However, it is far from it, and I consider it one of the most successful horror video games of all times!

The game is not necessarily violent and deep, but it manages to makes you feel. Feel the horror in your tormentors’ eyes, feel unsettled by the world around, and feel uneasy thinking about what’s going to happen to you.
Resident Evil 7 is definitely a masterpiece of the genre and should be enjoyed properly! Oh, I forgot to mention, it also has VR possibilities – how would you feel to experience this horrific world from a close and personal point of view?

Lighter Options

If your blood gets colder just by reading about the games above, there are some lighter options to try such as Scrap Metal or Short Life. They still involve some violence and a good scare, but you won’t be sleeping with the lights on for the next few months. These games are filled with action, have high levels of risk, and will definitely keep you engaged!

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