Best Horror Movies

If you are into horror movies, you have come to the right place. We are going to review some of the scariest movies available in #the movie industry. The movies that we shall provide here are both new and old. Here are some of the best horror movies in the movie industry. 


Host is a 2020 movie. The movie is about a group of friends who get together on a Zoom call in the middle of a lockdown and then something very scary happens. These friends thought they were safe until the scary thing arrives from nowhere. 


The movie is about a young woman who moves in-to an apartment. She did not realised she had the worst neighbours because they are creepy and liked online keno. You can stream this one on Netflix, ho9w col is=that. The movie is also a 2020 movie. 


1922 was released in 2017 and it is one of the scariest movies of all time. This movie is about a father who manipulates his son into helping him kill his mother. The motive behind this was so that the mother would not take her share of the wealth of the family. They go to the big city and try to forget what they did but that proves to be difficult. 


This 1997 classic is one of the best when it comes to scary horror movies. The movie is about giant snakes that terrorises a group of people aft5er they visit their territory. The snake kills by swallowing people. 


Apostle is a 2018 action horror movie. It is about a man who goes and tries to rescue his sister from a cult a sister that likes . This movie will scare you as it reaches its climax. You will find that the movie has some things that are very gross.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

This movie has been applauded for its perfect setup. A coroner and his son get late night delivery of a body. The body is creepy inside and things get creepy.