Best Horror Movies to Watch While Vaping

Horror movies are fun to watch whenever the chance presents itself.  A good scare is great every once in a while and even better when you can get the adrenaline pumping with the scary music thumping in the background and a disfigured creature behind the door waiting for its prey to be devoured.  For these types of nights cuddled up on the couch with your favorite pop and bowl of popcorn, it is also nice to have your favorite vape mod with plenty of your favorite juice from online retailers like smokingthings.  This article will preview some horror flicks that would be great to watch in a dark room with said popcorn, pop, and vape.


Insidious is the first part of a four part supernatural horror film made in 2010.  Although it is the first installment of the four part series, it is actually the third in the chronology of the series.  It is based on a couple who has a son that starts off in a state of comatose and provides a way for ghosts in an alternative dimension to want to inhabit his body. It is no doubt quite a scary movie that will have you on the edge of your seat sometimes gripping your loved ones or a teddy bear at the climactic moments. If you watched the movie while vaping, the reaction that you would get from the vape would provide a different high than just eating popcorn and guzzling pop.  It would intensify the moment greatly and provide for a much needed scare when that is what you were going for in the beginning.



Psycho is a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starred Anthony Perkins, Jaohn Gavin, Vera Miles, and Janet Leigh.  This movie starts off with one of the main characters Marion Crane being unhappy with her job in a real estate office in Phoenix while also becoming increasingly frustrated with her romance with a store manager of a hardware store.  Marion is given $40,000 to deposit at the bank, but instead she takes off with the cash to start a new life. She ends up at the Bates Motel and most of us know what happens after this. The shower scene of course is the most famous scene of all in the movie and actually one of the more famous movie scenes ever.  Try vaping during the shower scene and see the type of reaction you my have. It will be sure to exhilarate the senses.



Halloween is an American horror franchise that spans 11 films making it one of the longer running franchises in American horror.  There are have video games, merchandise, comics, and novels that spawned off from the franchise. The primary focus of the movie is Michael Myers who is a serial killer that was committed to a sanitarium when he was a child for murdering his sister Judith Myers.  Jaime Lee Curtis is one of the more famous actors that have played a part in this series. Of course it would take lot of time to get through the 11 films that were made in this franchise, but having your trusty vape by your side can help make it much more enjoyable.