The Best Horror Films To Watch on a Socially Distanced Date

Dating has seen a rapid transformation in recent times – first with the accessibility of date-finding apps, and more recently with many establishments like restaurants and bars closed amid the pandemic. Lockdown restrictions are easing in many parts of the world, but spaces for entertainment and socialising are often the last on the re-opening plan. It is also true that many of us may have personal health concerns or are working in high-risk environments, resulting in the need to continue socially distancing.

Naturally this restricts those who might previously have attended dates in social spaces that worked with their own schedules. The need to redefine the dating experience has lead to the big names in entertainment offering a range of at-home experiences. The rise of the Watch Party is probably the most popular example of how those who connect on dating services such as welovedates are interacting virtually. Streaming platforms are offering synchronised video playback on a huge range of movies and television shows, with chat and calling features built in. It’s the evolution of that cliche of sitting in the darkened back rows of cinemas on a date, but it can be done from the comfort of the sofa instead of sticky, popcorn coated theater seats.

With that in mind, here is our pick of some of the best horror films to watch on a socially distanced date. Whether you are a member of a streaming service or simply set up the old school way – with DVDs and a phone call – here are some of the films sure to make sure your socially distanced date night is thrilling and intimate.

A horror film that is very open to interpretation is often an excellent conversation starter. If you are nervous about keeping up conversation with your date under pressure, films that leave unanswered questions or with more ambiguous conclusions allow for daters to carry on discussing the film after the stream is over.

The first film that comes to mind is The Shining, so notorious for it’s symbolism and coded messages that a documentary was made about it’s fans interpretations. The iconic horror film is filled with abstract imagery, scenes seemingly unconnected to the main plot, and conspiracies that you should have no difficulty engaging in a lively discussion.

Other film ideas: Donnie Darko, Suspiria, The Neon Demon

A film with slow-burning tension could offer the opportunity for intimacy, even at a distance. When we watch films that get our hearts pounding, we are often more in tune with our raw emotions. This could lead to more meaningful conversations between daters than scripted small talk.

Try a gritty found footage film for that edge of your seat experience – such as the celebrated REC. This Spanish psychological horror follows a film crew inside a building that harbors a sinister secret and is sure to rattle even seasoned scary movie fans.

Other film ideas: The Blair Witch Project, The Bay.

Iconic horror couples can provide a more romantic setup for a date, without many of the cliches found in traditional romance films. These films are often not quite so intense, so can provide a more relaxed atmosphere for getting to know your date better. One sinister couple who should be absolutely top of your list is the original Bride of Frankenstein.

Not only is it a fantastic vintage film, but a dark gothic romance perfect for a stormy night. The next time you arrange a date through a free dating site, give the eerie adventures of the monster and his bride a shot.

Other film ideas: Bride of Chucky, Warm Bodies, The Addams Family

We hope we have given you some ideas for horror films for your next virtual date. As we all adapt to a post-pandemic world, online connections and interactions become ever more important. And with one of these movies, you’re sure to have a spooky-good socially distant date!