The Best Horror Articles of the Week (27/09/15)

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So apparently some of you liked our feature last week on our pick of the best horror articles from around the web. Well, we’ve decided to make it a regular feature – where we share some of the most interesting horror related discussion and debate from around the world. This week – apes, cannibals and Rocky Horror. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon reading.

We know that horror fans are a diverse group – from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and cultures. But did you know that humans are not the only species that reacts to scary movies? In Horror Films for Apes Are Teaching Scientists About Long-Term Memory‘ writer  explains this facinating experiment. Scientists created two short films – one showing a King Kong style ape attacking humans, and another showing humans taking revenge on an ape. The results are pretty fascinating.

There’s been a lot of talk about Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno this week, with it’s US release on Friday. Rich Juzwiak talks to Roth in this interview titled “Who Are We To Say That Cannibalism Is Wrong?”: Eli Roth Savages “Social Justice Warriors” in New Flick‘ It’s a thoughtful and in depth interview, exploring difficult issues such as the historic abuse of animals in filmmaking and the rise of social media centred activism.

This week saw the 40th anniversary of the iconic Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Katherine Schwab explores the vastly different attitudes society had towards the phenomenon at the time compared with the present day. Her article After 40 Years, Rocky Horror Has Become Mainstreamlooks at the film’s roots as a gathering place for outcast and unrepresented members of society, and how it has evolved to be embraced by mainstream television channels.

We’re extremely jealous of those of you in the US who get the opportunity to visit Universal’s ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ attractions. If you’re looking for a preview of what to expect this year, or just want to fantasise about being there, you’ll want to check out Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Is So Much Freaking Fun It’s Scary from writer Germain Lussier. Lussier gives us a rundown of the main maze attractions this year, and has some stunning photographs to check out.

And finally, for those of you looking for something more scientific, this article by  looks at what happens to your body when you are frightened by an intense film. ‘Exactly What Happens To Your Body When You Watch Horror Movies’ looks at the various changes your body goes through when you’re scared by a horror movie. Apparently there is genetic difference between those who scare easily, and those who love all things gory. Who knew?


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