The Best Horror Articles of the Week (19/09/15)


Awake in the dark hours of the morning and looking for something to read? We’ve scoured the internet to find the best articles from the past week looking at horror movies, news, debates and issues. Because let’s be honest, the lives of 99% of the people on your Facebook are not that interesting, so here’s some writing from the indie horror community you might feel less guilty scrolling through.

“Blondes make the best victims,” said filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock to CBS in 1977. “They’re like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints.” Writing for Kotaku, Patrick Klepek looks at how horror gaming is beginning to subvert the stereotypical portrayals of female and minority characters in horror as a genre. ‘How Until Dawn Messes With Two Of Horror’s Most Overused Tropes‘ does contain spoilers if you haven’t played ‘Until Dawn’, but it explores how character development contributes to subverting horror tropes in an analysis of a game which is very much like a horror movie experience.

In ‘It’s Good To Be Confronted With Death‘ Rich Juzwiak interviews the directors of a horror film that’s been causing a lot of hype – ‘Goodnight Mommy’. When the trailer for the Austrian film was released online, it went viral and was dubbed one of the “scariest trailers of all time”. The directors reflect on the impact of this unexpected attention, as well as pose some interesting questions about the nature of violence in cinema.

The premier of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ is getting closer, and the team behind it are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to releasing information. So there was much fanfare when the first official trailer for the fifth was revealed this week. Writing for iO9, Katharine Trendacosta analyses the trailer in a snappy, tongue-in-cheek article ‘We Took Apart the American Horror Story: Hotel Trailer So You Wouldn’t Have To’As Trendacosta presents; ” this is still American Horror Story and if some element of BDSM was missing from the marketing, the world would cease spinning on its axis”

If you’re looking for a quick Top Ten list,  presents a countdown of the goriest horror movies ever made. There’s a few predictable choices but a few you might not have seen if you’re looking for your gore-fix.

Despite Popularity of the Flavor, Americans Buying Fewer Real Pumpkins Than Ever Before might not strictly be horror – but we know that Halloween is your favorite holiday of the year, right? Well, it’s under threat as increasingly products are being released with pumpkin flavoring – driving down the sales of actual pumpkins. iHorror reflect on the tradition of the Jack O Lantern as a Halloween staple, and how we can save the pumpkin!

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