What Are The Best Chances Of Surviving A Horror Film?

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After watching many horror films, you might start to wonder what are the chances of surviving one. Would you be the first to die? Or would you be the last person standing? If you’re interested in finding out more about crazy odds and chances, then this quiz is perfect for you. The quiz by New Free Spins No Deposit will test you on things like: What are the odds of dying in a plane crash? And, what are the chances of being murdered?

If you think you can make it to the end of a horror movie scenario, then here are some tips that could give you a fighting chance!

Don’t get distracted by others

Have you ever noticed in classic horror that the most innocent girl is always the one that manages to escape the killer’s clutches? This is a standard addition that coincides with the ‘final girl’ trope in horror, and it is perfectly demonstrated by Jamie Lee Curtis’ character Laurie Strode in Halloween.

A ‘girl next door’ type, babysitter Laurie was able to avoid a grizzly death at the hands of masked murderer Michael Myers because unlike all of her friends throughout the film, she didn’t get distracted by hooking up with anyone. The same can be noted in the iconic Friday the 13th series, where Jason has surprised teens who are in the midst of a passionate embrace. If you want to up your chances of making it to the end of the movie, you better stay away from your boyfriend or girlfriend!

Maybe it’s best to skip the shower

As soon as you step into that shower and let the water cascade, you can be sure that you are a goner! There is something about the vulnerability of being nude and wet that always seals a victim’s fate in horror. The most famous such shower victim is undoubtedly Janet Leigh as Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. As one of the best Alfred Hitchcock films, this shower scene cemented itself as one of the best scenes in horror film history. Janet Leigh and the flimsy shower curtain were no match for Norman Bate’s crazed outburst, and we bid farewell to one of the film’s main characters before the halfway mark! No matter how much you need one, the safest thing to do is to stay away from that shower. Let Hitchcock’s famous film be a warning to all of us!

Don’t answer the phone!

If horror movies have taught us anything over the years, it is that you should never answer the phone when you aren’t expecting a call! Going back to iconic scenes like the Drew Barrymore heavy opening of Scream, nothing good will ever come from having a conversation with somebody you don’t know. Of course, if the peril is at the level of the 1979 classic When A Stranger Calls, then this advice might be a little too late!

Don’t wander off alone

You know what is harder than trying to kill one person? Trying to kill a whole bunch of people at the same time! Time after time, we have seen groups of teens in films like Nightmare Before Elm Street, Sleepaway Camp, and The Faculty decide to check things out for themselves and split from the group. Especially don’t wander off to investigate a noise outside by yourself! This is how many film characters have met their quick end. Once you break off from your friendship group to try to investigate yourself, your chances of survival plummet to almost zero! While the killer will likely come after you sooner or later, maybe it’s best to stay indoors, arm yourself, and wait for help to come?

Turn the lights on

And finally, for the sake of your life, turn the lights on! How many horror movies have you seen where the characters find it perfectly acceptable to creep around their homes in the pitch black, only to find themselves on the sharp end of a knife that they didn’t see coming? I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to see what was in front of me when trying to escape a killer filled house! This has never been more highlighted than in the film Lights Out when the characters fail to flip the switches even when they know the ghost can only get them in the dark!