Beloved Ghibli Character Totoro Re-Imagined As Eerie Grim Reaper


A creepy new figurine from KILAS re-imagines beloved Studio Ghibli character Totoro as an eerie grim reaper style creature. A children’s classic in Japan and increasingly popular among kids in the West, My Neighbour Totoro was released by Japanese animation giants Ghibli in 1988.

A popular fan theory surrounding the film is that both Mei and Satsuki are dead at the end of the movie and that Totoro is not a forest spirit, but a death god ushering them into the afterlife. While this theory has been officially debunked by a Studio Ghibli producer, artist KILAS has made the ‘My Neighbor KILAS Figurine Natural (Totoro)’, which depicts Totoro as the grim reaper.


The figurine comes with Totoro’s trademark umbrella, but also sports an interchangeable scythe and a very eerie skull complete with a cigarette in place of its stomach.


The creators explain“The appeal of Miyazaki’s films is that they can be enjoyed equally by adults and children. While children enjoy the innocence and naivety of the films, adults can interpret their meanings in an ominous sense. My Neighbor Totoro is such a film where the lines of life and death are blurred, giving us the ability to transcend perceptions of what is real and unreal, good and evil.

It is granted that Totoro is a mystical creature that only Mei and Satsuki can see. His presence is linked to the trauma of their sick mother who is on death’s door. Some can go as far to say that Totoro is death itself, alleviating the girls to the fact that they will lose their mother and maybe even themselves in this unforgiving world.”


Made from a combination of resin and fiberglass, the “My Neighbor KILAS Figurine Natural (Totoro)” is currently retailing for Singapore$200 (US$146). The artist also has an alternate Porcelain version that comes in a bone-chilling chalk white.