‘Bella in the Wych Elm’ Director Launches New Folk Horror Project

You may remember that last year we screened the fantastic folk horror documentary Bella in the Wych Elm. The film recreated one of the UK’s most notorious unsolved murders in eerie black and white, and now director Tom Lee Rutter is back with another folk horror film. He’s currently crowdfunding The Pocket Film of Superstitions via GoFundMe. 

The project page explains “THE POCKET FILM OF SUPERSTITIONS is a quaint, creepy, fantastical, spooky, funny, feature length docu-fantasy and a cinematic almanac of various superstitions through the ages.”

We were incredibly impressed with the achievements of Rutter’s previous film, particularly considering it was a period piece made independently and on a small budget. In his new film there are some impressive practical effects on show, showing the amazing things achievable by indie filmmakers.

Rutter has requested a very modest £1000 to complete the film, which is already 50% complete from his own funding. The funds raised during the campaign will be used to create period settings, and for makeup and special FX.

THE POCKET FILM OF SUPERSTITIONS will feature faeries, devils and demons inspired by folklore from around the world. “You can expect vignettes filled with dream-scapes, victorian gothic, practical effects, light-hearted comedy balanced with scenes truly unsettling  and nods to the haunted screen of the silent-era through to the seventies.” Rutter told us.

Head over to the campaign page for more information and to support this unique UK horror project.