Beautiful American Horror Story Illustrations

Patricio Oliver (AKA PO!), is an Argentinean graphic designer, illustrator, teacher at Buenos Aires University and character design teacher at Espacio Virgen. Born in 1977 in the province of Neuquen, Argentina, he studied graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires. In each of his activities, PO! has always tried to be a generator of new worlds, centered on fantasy and collective imagination. He pays special attention to Victorian culture, comicbooks, horror film aesthetics and everything to do with the supernatural universe.

As an illustrator and designer he is currently working for clients such as Rolling Stone Magazine Argentina, LAN magazine, BBDO Argentina, CartoonNetwork etc. His work has been published by Die Gestalten , Taschen, Index, Monsa, Belio, IDN and Moebius Publisher (with whom he has published a book on an original concept: Maurice In love).

He has participated in exhibitions and conferences in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Thailand, Germany, USA, Spain, Canada, Taiwán.

His worlds and their creations have finally crossed the barrier of paper and screen, and have been made in the form of vinyl toys, for companies like Red Magik China, Kid Robot, Toy2R, Raje Toys, UnboxIndustries and Mugo. Also interesting is his side project The Tenebrae, a dark and magical world of characters inspired by Oliver’s influences and childhood nightmares. 

Some of  our favourites of his works include his illustrations of the major characters from American Horror Story: Coven. Check them out below, or see his website for more info.