That Baseball Game Isn’t The First Crazy ‘Ring’ Marketing Strategy

Horror fans were understandable excited, if a little bemused about the recent Japanese horror baseball face-off to promote Sadako vs. Kayako. Sadako, however – is something of a baseball fan, having appeared at a couple more games to market upcoming films.

Promoting Sadako vs. Kayako – 2016

Promoting Sadako 3D 2 - 2013
Promoting Sadako 3D 2 – 2013

It’s also not the first bizarre promotional stunt the long-hair ghost has taken part in. In 2013, Japanese burger chain Lotteria will offered a limited-time lemonade shake flavor themed after the classic Japanese horror icon.

Which came with authentic chocolate ‘hair’

To promote the first Sadako 3D, advertisers drove a giant version of the scary character around the Shibuya neighborhood in Tokyo.

The also made her Kaiju Size!
The also made her Kaiju Size!

We're sure passing children appreciated it...
We’re sure passing children appreciated it…

If you thought the milkshake was weird – this walkthrough theme park attraction took the idea even further. Tokyo Joypolis, an enclosed theme park in Odaiba, Tokyo hosts a haunted manor style attraction where guests take the role of ‘reporters’ in spooky mysteries. To promote the franchise, they themed the attraction around Sadako – showing her movies and offering visitors ‘club member stickers’ and rented costumes. Afterwards, guests can enjoy a special Sadako menu – which is as bizarre as it sounds.

Sadako's Well Juice - Tokyo Joypolis
Sadako’s Well Juice – Tokyo Joypolis
Sadako Hair Dog

She also launched a mobile app which supposedly allowed more interaction with her films. Sadako 3D 2 was be shown in a “smartphone4D” version in Japan, with a free app delivering vibration, flash and sound special effects as well as extra visuals on mobile handset screens.


Then there was the time she took over a fast food chain…

Probably less scary than the usual manager
Probably less scary than the usual manager

She even has her own skincare line, where the facemasks give the appearance of dark hair covering your eyes.


Or the time she held a presidential campaign and encouraged people to vote for her.


Still a better option than Donald Trump
Still a better option than Donald Trump

Did you know she’s also recently joined a rock band?

She’s probably great at headbanging

And officially partnered with Hello Kitty. 

You know, for kids!

And that’s not even her strangest merchandise appearances.


Overall, she’s had a pretty varied horror career.