Bart D. Frescura: Horror Art

Demon Speak

In 1972 at the young age of 5,Bart D. Frescura was introduced to George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead on the late night television show Creature Features.It began a life long love and fascination with Horror,make-up,Monsters,Film,and the Macabre. His work is a marriage of horror,madness,and obsession.This obsession is seen in the variety of mediums in which he works (Photography,Painting,Sculpture and illustration).With a Cinematic perspective and a Hungry eye, his art has a film Noir quality; creating strange characters and documenting lost stories. He lives and works in Northern California as a Mold Maker,Finisher and Patina artist.

teeth landscape

Vincent Price


New Skin

The Window Shopper


You can find more of Bart’s work on his Flickr