Balls The Boozy Bat is the Star of the BBC Archives

The BBC has been around for so long, that it has an extensive archive of television stored away somewhere in it’s vaults. Recently the organisation have been sharing some memorable moments from historic TV on the BBC Archive Facebook Page
One of the most bizarre clips shared recently is a snippet from a long forgotten BBC magazine style show called ‘That’s Life‘. The series featured a range of sections dealing with serious issues and awareness campaigns – but also some more lighthearted features such as strangely shaped vegetables and interviews with eccentric members of the public. It’s one of these interviews that caught our attention!
The interview sees zoologist and pterodactyl expert Cherrie Bramwell tells TV reporter Kieran Prendiville all about her pet fruit bat, ‘Balls’. Bizarrely Balls hangs around Cherrie’s neck throughout the short clip – looking like an elaborate necklace. You might not imagine bats would make good pets, but Balls appears to be very relaxed with Cherrie. 
Shot in 1978, Cherrie describes the bat’s diet and lifestyle without seeming aware of how strange this all sounds. She reveals with complete sincerity that Balls sleeps hanging from the frame above her bed, attends parties, and even frequently gets drunk! 
Look out for the moment she tries to show the reporter her unusual pet up close – the poor man desperately tries to remain professional while looking like her very much doesn’t want to get to know Balls the bat. 
Check out the hilarious archive clip below.

1978: That’s Life: Balls the Fruitbat

#OnThisDay 1978: “My relationship began with having him as a sweet little baby bat…”

Kieran Prendiville met zoologist and pterodactyl expert Cherrie, and Balls, her pet fruitbat.

Posted by BBC Archive on Tuesday, 2 July 2019