Baked Monsters

Los Angeles-based multi-talented artist Christine McConnell creates terrifying yet undoubtedly delicious baked confectionery marvels, and she does it all dressed as a 1950s American housewife. Aside from being a professional stylist, photographer, model, and artist, McConnell also bakes pastries, confections and cakes that look like cookie monsters, terrifying spiders, dreadful snakes, and even the iconic Facehugger.

As McConnell states herself, she has had a life-long fascination with aesthetics, which inspired her to bring beauty to her life in any way she could – from her getup to the art she creates. This led to the recognition and cultivation of her many talents. Her photographs and artworks have been displayed in magazines, billboards and national ad campaigns and she has worked as a stylist with celebrities for events and on film sets.

Find out more about her work at her official website.

baked facehugger


baked snake



baked bird cake




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