Bad Acid – A Short Hallucinogenic Horror Movie


“We’ve all heard the urban legends; the man who thought he was an orange and tried to peel himself, the girl who tried to fly out of a window.  This is a story of a stage hypnotist who conjures something terrible.  But is it the LSD, is it hypnotic suggestion or is it a demonic apparition? ” This is the intriguing premise to a currently crowdfunding horror project – Bad Acid, A Short Hallucinogenic Horror Movie.

The project is lead by David Chaudoir, who has previously designed promos for top horror shows such as  The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and The Wire. The film is set to embody some of the spirit of the classic Hammer films, and many of the perks offered are themed around the Hammer legacy and named after celebrated horror actors. Smaller perks include digital downloads and thank you credits, with premier attendance and executive producer credit up for grabs in the larger donation categories.

Currently, Bad Acid has reached over 60% of it’s £12,000 funding goal. There’s still over two weeks to get involved, so head over to the campaign to find out more.

You can also watch a video below of David Chaudoir explaining the project in more detail.