Bad Cookie Pictures Dives Into The World Of VR

Emerging Vancouver film production company, Bad Cookie Pictures, in partnership with local virtual reality experts Hammer & Tong, are bringing audiences two new VR genre films . TUNE IN…FOR MURDER! and RELAXING ASMR are the new brainchildren of Bad Cookie founders Ariel Hansen and Christopher Graham and will be available for premiere viewing on October 22nd at The Rio Theatre, playing as part of the East Van Short Showcase Festival.

Established in 2016, Bad Cookie Pictures is an emerging film production company based in Vancouver, BC, specializing in Horror and Genre filmmaking. They believe in empowering female filmmakers, artist collaboration and of course, a good old fashioned fright.

Hansen and Graham have been building their reputation in Vancouver’s independent film industry over the last few years, with the past year being the most successful to date. After their short film READY TO BURST earned Hansen a Best Actress win at Hammer & Tong’s East Van Showcase Festival, they were approached by the production company to partner on a new VR filmmaking venture.

“We love collaborating and are always looking for ways to be innovative with our filmmaking,” mentioned Graham. “This seemed like the perfect opportunity to make that happen,” he added. Graham’s murder mystery TUNE IN…FOR MURDER throws audiences into a locked room with a dead body in the middle and a number of potential murderers trying to determine whodunit. Hansen’s RELAXING ASMR is a twist on the ever-popular ASMR YouTube videos – featuring people making soothing noises. Hers, though, offers a few more chills down your spine than usual.

“VR is a very unique way of storytelling – it definitely hasn’t been without its challenges but we’ve had so much support from Hammer & Tong and we can’t wait to share these short films with all of you!” stated Hansen.

The films will be available for viewing at the showcase – VR glasses provided.


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