Bad Cookie Bakes Two Batches of Horror and Heartbreak


Emerging local film production company, Bad Cookie Pictures, is embarking on their next unique project: The Bad Cookie Combo. This double bill presentation will feature co-founder Ariel Hansen and Topher Graham’s signature horror/genre filmmaking style. The two short films, THE DEVIL AND I and NEPENTHES, are explorations of the extreme lengths people are willing to go in the name of love. Graham and Hansen have launched an Indieogogo campaign to fundraise for their films.

Hansen and Graham have been building their reputation in Vancouver’s independent film industry over the past few years, with the past year being the most successful to date. As Bad Cookie Pictures, they completed three award-winning short films: READY TO BURST, PAINT THE TOWN RED, and the STORYHIVE-funded, MAN IN THE RABBIT MASK. They hope to raise $5000 via Indiegogo to make The Bad Cookie Combo – and are calling to the local community (and beyond) for help. Both films feature familiar faces from the local industry, including Jesse Inocalla, James Kingstone and Ariel Slack.

With a strong focus on supporting local artists and female filmmakers, Hansen and Graham believe that collaboration is key to success in the independent film industry. “Making films can be challenging with limited funds, but when you find the right people and build strong relationships, the whole process becomes easier,” notes Ariel Hansen.

Hansen and Graham have many connections to the local industry, particularly in the horror world. Often collaborating with the teams from Luchagore Productions and Off World Pictures, they have now partnered with Hammer and Tong to create virtual reality horror experiences as well as short segments and promotional videos for the Vancouver Badass Film Festival in early 2018.

They will be shooting The Bad Cookie Combo in August and September, shortly after their Indiegogo campaign, and plan to submit the films to festivals around the world, where they have already found much success with other projects.

Head over to IndieGoGo for more info and to support the project.

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