Glasgow Horror Festival’s Best Short Coming To Amazon Video


We’re big fans of director David Chaudoir’s short horror films Adonis and Aphrodite and Bad Acid. In October, we selected Bad Acid as the winner of the Best Horror Short award at the Glasgow Horror Festival. Now horror fans across the world will have the chance to check out this eerie and atmospheric short film online.

The film was acquired by Amazon after winning a competition through the Promax film festival, and will debut on the Amazon Video on June 6th 2017.


Bad Acid is a love letter to the portmanteau horror films of the 1970’s and a wry sideswipe on the fleeting nature of celebrity. It follows Marvin Maskelyn, a washed up TV hypnotist and magician desperate to recapture his fame. A run of disatrous performances ends with him acquiring a black eye and losing his genie lamp prop. An antique dealer friend supplies a Babylonian lamp with a chequered past and a secret stash of LSD blotters within. With nothing left to lose Maskelyn takes one.

Make sure you check out this fantastic indie horror short when it goes live! Head over to the film website for the latest information.