Beautiful Children’s Book Follows The Adventures of ‘Baby Cthulhu’

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Toby Allen is a freelance illustrator living in the UK, who’s latest project should serve as Lovecraftian introduction for young kids. He specialises in children’s books, games design and character design – all of which come across in this cool project –  a children’s book titled Baby Cthulhu.

The book follows Baby Cthulhu as he jumps through time and space to prepare for his best “fiend’s” birthday party.

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The book is written by Shaeli Joya, and is based on the works of H P Lovecraft.

“I continually try to step outside the box with my concepts and ideas. I stay away from the generic and always aim to make unique and one-of-a-kind illustrations. I draw upon a variety of inspirations and references, such as fairy tales and ancient mythology, along with anime and manga and a little Pokémon™ and other video games thrown in for a modern twist. These elements give my work a bit of an edge, a style that is unique yet versatile.” explains Toby on his website.

Check out illustrations for this cute take on the Cthulhu mythos below.